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Our artists & printmakers

Roger Griffiths contemporary watercolour paintings Roger Griffiths

Roger Griffiths - contemporary watercolour painting

Art and craft gallery Northamptonshire 

Roger is a self-taught watercolourist, having no formal art training, except attendance at a workshop weekend over 10 years ago run by reknowned artist John Blockley, which provided a lasting inspiration.

As a member of the Rugby and District Art Society (RADAS), over the last few years he started to exhibit locally in their own and the Rugby Open exhibitions. Roger became a Friend of the RBSA in 2003, an Associate in 2008 and a full Member in 2011. He has exhibited regularly in both 'Friends', and 'Open To All Media' exhibitions. In 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012, his paintings were chosen for the national exhibition of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours at the Mall Galleries in London.

Roger continues to develop his own unique style of landscape painting, drawing on his background as a landscape architect.

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Sally Moret limited edition silk screen prints Sally Moret

Sally Moret - hand printed silk screen prints


Sally creates small edition silk screen prints using paper stencils cut by hand. Each designs requires individual stencils to be cut to create the different areas of colour, all prints have a minimum of four stencils. Collections are inspired by the British countryside and its inhabitants including hares, birds, deer, badgers, butterflies and bees. Basically anything wild and woolly, furred and feathered.
As a professional Freelance British Designer with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fashion and Textiles. Sally works on shoe designs, graphics, fashion designs, greeting card designs, gift-wrap and printed textiles. With decades of experience, her style incorporates hand-drawn artwork rendered with Adobe Illustrator to produce a more unique and complete design style. She specialises in repeat patterns, animals, birds flowers, shoes, cupcakes and all things cute. 


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Iain Mackay landscape painter Iain Mackay

Iain Mackay - prints from original paintings


Derbyshire based landscape painter Iain Mackay produces beautifully evocative images in his chosen medium of watercolour. Born in the Lancashire Dales, Iain made his career in architecture, and has been able to combine his love of painting with his love of the countryside.

The majority of the work we have from Iain are scenes around the area in which he lives and has come to know very well, Derbyshire offers are wide variety of landscapes from peaceful rivers to wild moors. In the prints that we have in the gallery there are also a couple of scenes from the Suffolk and Cornish coasts, two other favourite areas for the artist.

All of Iain's prints are from his original watercolour paintings and are individually titled and signed.


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Kerry sage artist Kerry Sage

Kerry Sage - prints from original paintings


Northamptonshire based artist Kerry Sage has recently returned from living and teaching art in the USA, and is now working on a new series of abstract paintings reflecting the different landscapes which have inspired her.

Kerry uses mainly oils or acrylics to produce her striking, colourful and atmospheric paintings, these are then reproduced as high quality limited edition giclee prints. A combination of fluid designs contrasts with geometric shapes and areas of bold colour juxtaposes with subtle brushwork to produce her intricate paintings.


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Val Goldfinch prints from original paintings Val Goldfinch

Val Goldfinch - prints from original watercolour paintings


Val has lived in Towcester in Northamptonshire for over 25 years, and has been painting since childhood. She trained in graphic design at Nene College, but now concentrates on her detailed and distinctive watercolours.

Val specialises in combining several images into one painting, often they are related to a theme where the images are alphabetical. She has produced a series featuring towns such as Towcester and Buckingham, South Northamptonshire villages and more general themes such as Music and the British seaside. Her favourite subjects are buildings, architectural details and gardens.

Prints are offered as limited editions, the range available continues to grow.


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Iain Hodgkinson contemporary printmaker Iain Hodgkinson

Iain Hodgkinson - contemporary landscape printmaker


Iain is originally from Lancashire, where he studied and graduated in Fine Art Printmaking, he now lives and works in Northamptonshire.

Iains work consists of textural, aesthetic forms which are both abstract and representational. He loves working from actual landscapes, creating a response to them through line, mark making and ultimately printmaking. He uses a variety of techniques including collagraphs, etching, lino and woodcuts onto prepared mixed backgrounds. This relationship between the printed and the painted results in a marriage of texture, form and depth which Iain exploits to the full.

Each print that Iain produces is a one-off, no two are ever exactly alike. The processes he uses mean that every print from the limited edition is unique, many of the editions are very small due to the nature of his techniques.


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Anne Gilbert wildlife paintings Anne Gilbert

Anne Gilbert - contemporary wildlife painting


Anne is a self-taught painter who uses mostly watercolours, but does also work with mixed media. Based in Northamptonshire, Anne produces exquisite paintings of hares, foxes, birds and dogs, each one capturing beautifully the individual character of her subject. Her passion for animals and wildlife has inspired Anne to create a real sense of movement and expression in her paintings, with most of her work features animals she has seen locally.

Anne produces mostly original paintings for sale, but such has been the interest in her work recently that she has now produced the first in a series of limited edition giclee prints. 


Click here to buy Anne Gilbert paintings


Click here to buy Anne Gilbert prints

Charlie Sutcliffe hand printed screen prints Charlie Sutcliffe

Charlie Sutcliffe - hand printed screen prints


Charlie is a London based illustrator and designer who produces a range of quirky hand printed screen prints, all of which are based around and feature one or more of the many characters he has created over the past few years.

His characters inhabit a fantasy world where all things are possible, anything may happen and it frequently does.

The prints, whilst have an incedible amount of detail in the design, are given a simple very graphic look with use of a limited colour pallette in the printing. There is usually one dominant colour supported by a couple of highlighting colours, and a very effective use of the white of the page being allowed to be a part of the design. Most prints feature the colours used in the print as large dots in the margin, along with one of Charlie's trade marks the use of his registration marks as part of the design.

All prints carry the artist's signature and an embossed mark to show authenticity.

Each print is individually printed and so may have slight differences from the ones shown.


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Nagib Karsan - prints from original paintings Nagib Karsan

Nagib Karsan - prints from original paintings


Born in Tanzania, Nagib's childhood was split between his home in Dares Salaam on the Indian Ocean and boarding school in the UK where, as a teenager he was educated largely in Somerset. Here began his fascination with the West Country and its fishing villages, rugged coastlines and unpredictable weather. A fascination which has continued throughout his life, and which has provided much of the inspiration for his paintings in later years, along with the ever changing face and skyline of London.


Although he enjoyed painting and drawing from an early age, Nagib was encourage to pursue a career in business and has only recently begun to explore his artistic nature. Now, with the luxury of time, he has slowly developed his technique from working mainly in watercolours to his present, loose style using mixed media and, very often, collage to capture the vibrancy and immediacy of his chosen scene.


Click here to buy Nagib Karsan prints

Prints from original paintings by Jonathan Wheeler Jonathan Wheeler

Jonathan Wheeler - prints from original paintings

Jonathan has made a full-time profession of his very vivid style of art, constantly finding new ways to express his passion for the beauty of the Highlands and its architectural heritage through his chosen medium of watercolour. He is also known for his vibrant still life and figure paintings.

He was born in Lancashire in 1958 and lived in Australia, Brazil and different parts of the United Kingdom before settling down to live in the Highlands, having built an ecological house at Findhorn in Moray.

He studied Physics at Oxford and had a professional career in industry for 20 years. A musician since his childhood, with a classical background, he now enjoys playing saxophone and has recorded two albums.


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Ian macCulloch hand embellished etchings Ian MacCulloch

Ian MacCulloch - hand embellished etchings


After studying at Northampton School of Art, Ian McCulloch has worked as a teacher, freelance designer, finished artist/illustrator and computer printmaker. In recent years etching has come to be Ian's primary vehicle of expression. Many of his etchings utilise traditional techniques and processes, but a large part of his work remains experimental. The computer has stimulated explosive experimentation in printmaking and the visual arts generally. Much of Ian's work involves the manipulation of the digital image, and for Ian personally, modern technology sits well with the traditions of the art form and serves to enhance the mystique and beauty of the subject.

Ian has developed a very distinctive style, each print is coloured individually making each one unique, many are hand embellished and coloured after the print is made. Ian follows two main avenues in his choice of subject, hares and landscapes featuring trees. All prints are beautifully detailed and full of character. 


Click here to buy Ian macCulloch hand embellished etchings.

Prints from pen & ink drawings by Jane Warwick Jane Warwick

Jane Warwick - prints from original pen and ink drawings


Self-taught Northamptonshire artist Jane, produces beautiful pen and ink drawings featuring trees with a fantasy element and setting, each one is full of character, intricate detail, humour and whimsey.


"I enjoy sketching and drawing trees – it’s as simple as that. Ideas can just pop into my head or begin life whilst out ‘tree gazing’. All my trees have a fantasy element to them, some more extreme than others, but always inspired by trees in their natural settings. I enjoy humanising trees as it gives me plenty of scope to come up with whimsical and extraordinary ideas."


The prints are taken from her original drawings, which are produced using black ink pens on a watercolour wash background. Some of the prints are further embellished using glitter to highlight the main subject in the image.


"You could never make a tree more interesting or beautiful than nature intended, I just enjoy adding a mix of my imagination and a lot of inky quirkiness."


Click here to buy Jane Warwick prints from original pen & ink drawings

Limited edition giclee prints by Jane Crick Jane Crick

Jane Crick - limited edition giclee prints


Jane is a graphic designer based in Suffolk. She specialises in creating contemporary and fun greetings card and gift wrap ranges, we have a range of her gift wrap paper for sale in the gallery. Her new collection of limited edition prints are in her own style, drawing heavily on simple areas of solid colour to create beautiful images with a Suffolk seaside theme, and a fun animal theme.


Each print has been mounted in a pale cream mount ready for framing, prints are limited to an edition of 250. Prints are priced at £35 including UK delivery.


Jane, or Janey to all her friends, is by her own admission an incredibly loud, bright and lively kind of person. Inspired by her love of flowers and nature, she combines this with her graphic design skills of over 20 years, to produce bold designs using flat colour and shape to convey form and texture. When not designing cards, or looking after her family and very ‘vocal’ Burmese cat, she can often be found at her allotment fighting the never ending battle against the weeds! Or maybe baking a cake for a friend’s birthday...


Click here to buy Jane Crick prints

Alan Kilpin original watercolour paintings Alan Kilpin

Alan Kilpin - original watercolour paintings


Alan is a qualified Teacher of Design, as well as a qualified Graphic Designer and Printer (learning these skills in both Germany and the UK). He is a self-taught artist livingand working in Northampton. 

His artwork is reflective of his nostalgic memories of a simple childhood - whereby he and his family had the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the country, enjoying seaside trips and family holidays in the 1970’s and 1980’s.
His work is based on his own contemporary photographs, adding some 'artistic licence' to enhance the images he creates. 

Alan has produced a range of images using watercolours based on a range of themes, but predominantly where a 'step back' in time and thought is needed to appreciate the serenity and individual experience people have when they reminisce on times past. His work has been described as 'charming' and at times 'quirky'.


Click here to buy Alan Kilpin original watercolour paintings

Sue Colyer prints from original watercolour paintings Sue Colyer

Sue Colyer - prints from original watercolours


Sue is a Hampshire based artist specialising in the medium of Watercolour, her work is heavily influenced by the beauty of nature where she exploits the medium to capture the essence and the atmosphere of her subjects. Sue is an elected member of the Society of Floral Painters, and she exhibits regularly with them on a national basis.


Sue has produced a range of individually signed giclee prints from some of her treescape and floral watercolour paintings, and we are delighted to have them for sale in the gallery.


Click here to buy Sue Colyer prints from original watercolour paintings

Limited edition prints by Lin Williams Lin Williams

Lin Williams - prints from original paintings and pastel drawings


In 2005 Lin Williams took early retirement and returned to Cornwall to concentrate on painting seriously. Starting with exhibiting with local art societies she found success, which spurred her to enter Cornwall Open Studios in 2007. From there she grew a body of work for solo exhibitions and also to put forward to galleries. This self-taught artist experimented with watercolours, oils and acrylics. Six years ago Lin tried pastels and immediately realised that this was her preferred media. Her desire to paint is fuelled by catching the very essence of atmosphere and mood. She thrives on seeing the changing light, seasons and colours. "I never tire of walking my favourite haunts looking and watching for that special moment that will draw my eye," she says. "To find new territories is a great excitement –  there is nothing like discovering a huge sky throwing light onto slices of a new panorama, to make me reach for my pastels." During 2015 Lin plans to continue painting her beloved Cornwall while also painting further afield.

We have a range of limited edition prints from Lin's paintings and pastel drawings.


Click here to buy Lin Williams prints from original paintings and pastel drawings

Prints from original paintings by Judy Tate Judy Tate

Judy Tate - prints from original paintings


Moving to Dorset provided the opportunity for Judy Tate to concentrate full-time on developing her painting skills. Attending inspirational workshops and learning from talented teachers has ensured that the painting mediums used and subject matter painted remains very varied. Pivotal to much of her work is Judy's love of painting ‘en plein air’ predominantly with oil paints. This method of capturing the scene in situ and in all weather conditions offers the inspiration for more abstracted pieces in oil and mixed media completed back in her studio. Central to all Judy’s work is her passion for colour and texture. Judy’s works in oil, pastel and mixed media. Her sketchbook and pochade box go wherever she does so includes work from both at home and abroad.

We are delighted to have a range of Judy's prints for sale in the gallery.


Click here to buy Judy Tate prints from original paintings

More artist details to follow.

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